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  • Miike McCurdy

Photography Tip: Color Cast?

Ever heard of Color Cast? Well, it is a thing and it can be a very bad thing when it comes to photography! Here is a definition of Color Cast: "A color cast is a tint of a particular color, usually unwanted, which affects the whole, or portion, of a photographic image evenly. " Photographers deal with this a lot in photography. It is basically a color that saturates the photo evenly. So a photo turns out more yellow, green or even blue! below is a great example of color cast:

Example of Color Cast

When dealing with Interior Photography, something architectural photographers and real estate photographers deal with on a daily basis, we have to find a way to counter act this natural color cast. In the past, people would use a technique called HDR and would simply take three or more photos at different exposures of the same scene. Then run it through software to blend the exposure. The problem is that you then have to deal with the color cast, or simply leave it alone resulting in photos that look too yellow, or whatever color is being cast.

Balanced photo

Any easier solution with far better results is using professional lights, or strobes to effectively over power the natural light in the house, including the color cast and replace it with light that is not casting color around the room. We do this by bouncing the light off of a white surface or dome. The results, you remove the color cast and get a nice evenly lit photo that makes the interiors look warm, inviting and not "sickly". Flash photography also shows off the true colors of the interior or subject, making for a richer looking photo. Another benefit of strobes, or flash photography is that it makes the photographs very sharp and defined. Photography is all about lighting and having a good light broadcast through the home, makes a difference!

As a lot of our clients know we use a lot of lights to light up our interiors. We do take a bit longer to photograph a house, but we are making sure that we are removing color cast, exposing the interior properly etc. If you want a house photographed in 15 minutes, you should not use our services. We are not a "run and gun" solution. We take our time to get the photos looking their best and in the end makes your listing stand out! Hope you found this article interesting. Have a great day!



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