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May 5th - May 8th, 2020


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Teacher Appreciation Video

We are asking for families to participate in the Teacher Appreciation video we are producing for Bridgeland. If you wish to have your child participate in the video, please read the instructions at the bottom of this page before clicking the Register Now Button.

Time & Location

May 5th - May 8th, 2020

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About the event

Bridgeland Teacher Thank you Video Directions:




1. Have your student make a sign with the following:         

            “Thank you _________”

              Teachers name(s)

            Student Grade this year  (example:  3rd grade)

            School name  (example:   Bridgeland HS)

                     **This is important so we know what grade your child is in for the video!


2. Video #1--Record your students (K-12) reading the appropriate text for 

              their grade level (See next page for text.).  Please use only horizontal video.  

              Vertical video will NOT be used.  It’s a good idea to print out the words and

              hold them next to your camera/phone to read while you record.  

              For the little ones, just prompt them to say a line, and we can edit the 

              parent voice out. Sit in a well lit area so that your childs face is well lit, near a window.

              Try to avoid outside if it is windy or someone is mowing a lawn near you for best audio!


3. Video #2: For all students in grades K-11, record your student thanking their 

              teacher in a short 5 second video.  

             (example:   “Thanks Mrs. Adams!  I loved your class!”)


4. Video#2:  For seniors, please have them wear their college t-shirts or 

              sweatshirts (if they have them) and record up to 10 seconds of them 

              thanking their teachers as well.

5. Submit videos to us via our dropbox link. You can do this from your cell phone!


Script for Video #1—(Only video the lines for the grade level of your student.)


Kindergarten—      “To all our teachers:

                                  I miss you SO much!

                                  You are my favorite teacher!”


1st grade--           “School this year was really fun!

                                 Thanks for teaching me to read.

                                 You made school a blast!”


2nd - 3rd grade--      “Thanks for teaching me this year.

                                 School is so much easier because of you.

                                 I love that you are always there for me.”


4th-5th grade--              “I always looked forward to your class each day.

                                 You are the reason school is fun.

                                 Thanks for telling me I can do it, and to try again.”


6th-7th grade--              “You have gone above and beyond this year,

                                 and your love for teaching really shows.

                                 You were born to be a teacher,      

                                 And I think you were the best teacher I’ve ever had!”


8th-9th grade--              “Sometimes you might think I'm not listening, but I really am.

                                 It’s been hard not being at school for so long,

                                 But you have really helped me. 

                                 This school year was easier just because of you.”


10th-11th grade--    “It’s been tough trying to have school from home,

                                 and hearing from you made all the difference.

                                 Thanks for your help making it through the last few months.

                                 I’m so looking forward to seeing you in the fall,

                                 And I can’t believe I want to go back to school!”


12th grade--            “I don’t think you realize what a huge influence you had on me

                                 this year.  You gave me confidence I didn’t know I had.

                                 Thanks for believing in me and showing me I can believe in

                                 myself too.


                                 I’m about to go off to my next adventure, but needed to tell you

                                 that you’re the reason I can.  I couldn’t have done it without you. 

                                        You're amazing! I'll never forget you. Thanks for everything!   

                                 A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination

                                 and instill a love of learning.  You gave me all three! 

                                 Thank you!


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